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1:58pm 08-12-2018
Regina Lindsey
John and I live in Bonham where he’s the pastor Edhube Baptist Church. We would love to have y’all come and sing when you have an open date and feeling like it. Our email is:
God Bless You
John & Regina Lindsey
8:40am 06-05-2018
Dan Day
We loved it when you visited us at Boulevard Baptist Church. Are any of your songs in book form? I don't play the guitar but I'd love to sing some of your songs at our church.
5:54pm 10-18-2017
Jerry Butler
Hello Flanagans,
I was just wondering about our order we placed Oct. 7 and have not yet received. The order was being shipped to George Butler in Balch Springs Tx. Plz send me an email at

9:26am 03-30-2017
D'Anna Strother
I remember your songs from when I was a child. My grandfather was rev. W. A. Henager. I believe y'all used to sing a song called "Do Right", i would love the music and lyrics to this do you know the song?
7:31pm 02-23-2017
Robert Mann
I heard you all the 1st time as a child at Fifty-Eighth Avenue Baptist Church! I'm now sharing your music with my children! Thank you for your dedication and service to our Lord! Love in Christ,
Pastor Bobby Mann
12:59pm 10-15-2016
Joe Pillow
I met Bro, Johnny several years ago in Missouri while helping in a tent meeting There I was blessed by hearing and learning the song " Prove it at top of the hill". I still sing it from time to time in churches. Love their music.
6:13am 10-14-2016
Mary Ham
You all have been on my heart and was so happy to be all to find this website. Loved having you at Grace Baptist in St. Charles, Missouri. Still listen to your songs and enjoy each minute. Prayer you are doing well. Thank you for your ministry cause it is a blessing. God bless.
5:09pm 07-20-2016
Elijah P Jones
I've yet to receive my order just curious what the status is
10:14pm 07-18-2016
les lipskoch
Remembering the late 70's and you all singing in Missouri; still listening to your LPs guess I better get some of your new stuff. Liberty Bible Baptist in Linn MO and / or Baptist Temple in Springfield. Truly sermons in song allowing our children to learn the easy rhymes that teach the solid truths like He's done gone and said He would! And Won't you stop and thank the Lord
2:20pm 06-24-2016
Michael Gazell II
Dear Bro. & Mrs. Flanagan,
Hi! How are yall? you should contact my Pastor sometime Dennis Fountain, Moses Lake Baptist Church. He has had Bro. Waggoner at our church I think he should have yall come some time! I love yall I wish I could see yall again some time!
6:17pm 06-16-2016
nancy fautheree
hi yoall, tried calling but no answer. call me sometime.
love. nancy 214 327 8857
3:09pm 05-08-2016
Pres & Cyndi Staggs
We are Jack & Anne Garner's son in law and daughter. We would love to visit by phone. If that's possible, let us know by reply mail. Saw from your calendar that you're still out there "just a sangin". Love you guys. God bless.
6:24pm 03-23-2016
Hope this finds you both doing well. I just wanted you to know I ordered 7 of your CD's and the Flanagan Farms DVD on March 20 through Paypal. They have debited my account already, and I was wondering how long it usually takes to receive an order. The order may be listed under my husband's name, J. Wade Farmer. You can email me at to let me know. Thank you. Love in Christ, Tammie Farmer
5:11pm 03-22-2016
David Tyler
Greetings. I am sorry to say that I went through PayPal to order $45.00 worth od CDs and I have not received them yet. The payment went through February 9th. I do hope all is well with you and yours - and I am eagerly awaiting for music from some of my favorite people...
10:12pm 02-29-2016
Charlsie Wright
A friend of mine works at the Comfort Inn in Glen Rose, Texas. She said y'all had stayed here and left her a copy of the John 17:4 CD. I play guitar and write songs myself so she told me I needed to listen to it. I did and enjoyed it very much!! Especially #10 If Nothin Don't Happen. Thank you for sharing your music with people. It touched me on a day I was least expecting it.
Peace. Love. & God Bless
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