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8:54pm 02-24-2016
Rev George Hall
I had the privilege to sing the frog song, to our congregation, asI remembered from my childhood as we learned it from you all at my dad's church in Rome NY formally Independent Baptist Church Rome NY. My dad is C. Lowell Hall now living in Cushing OK and soon to be living with me in Clarendon Tx where we originated from. God Bless
5:02pm 02-23-2016
James McCarroll
Hi Flannagans,I tried to buy the Jonah cd.I clicked on buy through Paypal,but nothing happened.Instead of going to invoice page it came back to the purchase page. I was afraid to click on it again,for fear it would bill me twice. I really enjoy your music. I bought your audio tape back in 1982 at a preaching conference at First Baptist,Hammond,Indiana which I am a member.I am on social security disability and can't afford to much. I would love to have all your cds. I especially like the Jonah cd. Maybe you can help me with this purchase.Your friend in Christ Jim. P.S. I don't always get to go to the library where I go online. My phone Number is: 219-276-2202. If you can call me this would be better for me. I don't get my email at times.
6:14pm 02-10-2016
Suzan verrette
Hello I pray yall are well. I have a problem but sure u can help. I order a DVD in Dec for my husband. It is the one that have at the top of the hill. My PayPal paid but we have not received it as of yet. I know it is something I did wrong. Please let me know something.
Thank you
Love in Christ
8:32pm 02-09-2016
David Tyler
howdy folks! love your music, think of you often, trusting that you are doing well in His care. It's been awhile since I've looked you up online though. Heard (saw) you live at Pastor's School in Hammond way back when. (1991ish?) bought a lot of tapes - slowly turning tapes into CDs. I'll buy a couple more now. (low gas prices actually freed up a bit of cash!)

David (up here in the cold Wisconsin)
4:51pm 02-06-2016
This is Judy. I was Pastor David Jones daughter. I knew you from spearman texas. we still sing your music today. I still love all the old songs and love listening to you sing. Judy Jones
6:31pm 12-19-2015
Regan White
Hi Nelda. I got you a new guest book
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